Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Stasis 10: there is good music in Singapore

firstly, you can read some reviews of Stasis 10 by following these links here:

Review by Kevin Matthews

Review by Visa

All in all, Stasis 10 was a pretty killer gig for Leeson. It was great playing to a crowd that was there to listen to local music, and the reception they gave was very encouraging and made me glad i'm a part of this scene. We played all our songs the way we wanted to play, and i think we pulled off one of the best versions of The Simple Life.. wonder if anyone has a recording of our set.

check out pictures by Ivanified here and snaps by Perplexed here.

and to close this post, check this awesome video of my friends, Mathilda and the Motherfunkees, and tell me they do not deserve to make it big and be up there with some of the music greats internationally as well?

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