Sunday, February 23, 2003

where is my sister?!?
i got home at 2.30 and did not find her at all.
she has gone missing, or alucard the vampire has had her for dinner.
now excuse me while some old-school funk sends me to speed heaven.

Saturday, February 22, 2003

my dark star b-sides
just posted a song on my webby.
i recorded it another bunch of friends, and its my first time singing.
it's a song about second chances and trying to walk right.
i'm banned from singing in my dark star see?
didn't have time to update the whole thing.
reviews coming up will be tool's Ænema and something else. requests may be entertained if i own the song somehow.

here's the song:

gorillas in the mist
today, it is my two year anniversary in nationl service!@! that means exactly six more months before i leave this shitehole!!
in other news, lyndon long asked me to log onto icq s i can tell him wot wallflowers official merchendise i want. but im only 15mins late.. and he's nowhere to be found! well.. i want a black fedora if they have one. and perhaps a cool band t-shirt or something. jukies we are.

in other news. im watching the third installment of digimon. finally! properly engrish dubbed anime! it used to be filipinas who dubbed over seasons one and two. well... haha, mebbe im a closet fan. i like the artwork, and it'd be cool to have a pet who kicked major ass. :)
also happened to watch charlie's angels last night. i reckon they're showing re-runs on TV2. hahaha.. so cheesy.. fnky sleauth music. its amazing!

i am a mix taper!

How indie are you?
test by ridethefader

You're really enthusiastic about the music that you like. You attempt to discover your new favourite
band every week. You continually try to get your friends into the music you like, which annoys the fuck
out of them, but you don't know it. At least you're not arrogant about it.

Friday, February 21, 2003

another brick in the wall
ta'lkin' to Eben about making money and shite.
well, it really sounds good in theory... he might be able to pay for his own house in perth by the time he's 35! whoa.. i'll probably only be paying for my HDB apartment at that time. *sigh* i just feel as if i'm not cut out for this society...
this guý's got plans!

Sunday, February 16, 2003

oooh so tired... but ohhh wot a day!
in the continuing series about my life:
with a capitol ""L"
oh kay, anyhows, in a recent conversation with jeanie, she said that this blog is not interactive enough. well.. i dinnae ken, but she reckoned that no one replys to her posts, and that we, the music junkies just go on and on about music. oh well.. i do reply to your posts jeanie! *sigh* yes yes, but not many people visit this blog. so we need to spread our love!

yar. i was on duty on saturday. in fact, i probably cant update daily no more. weekly probably.

yeap, today i kinda met up with Sue-lyn, if even for a short while. since i reckon she don't come 'ere. haha... well, i guess catching up with her lately has warmed my heart somehow. its not as if i'm starting to like her all over again. its just that, you know when your heart grows cold for reasons? yeh, well, its just starting to warm again. gahhhh!!@@!! i will go no further than necessary. this is afterall.. ONLINE, and PUBLIC.

tata everyone.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Another Saturday at home.... 2nd one in a row... think im gettting old... Anyway juz finished my stint in Tekong.. so glad i made it out... ALIVE.... yeap apparently the result of our proficiency test wuz quite good... looking forward to OFFs... well thats rubbish judging the way things go.... sux....

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

we're up to some bloody times !!

yawn. work=death. and one day, i am going to s.n.a.p.

you'll see. you know its bad when i'm too tired to even feed my crab...

music playing: History is made for stupid people-Arrogant Worms

Monday, February 10, 2003

guess we type just about anything we want aha...

here's my song of the moment- major leagues by pavement.. the distinctly off-kilter edge of pavement refined and polished up with obvious touches by nigel godrich.
phrase of the moment- "you look out of sorts"
retort of the moment- "but you really do look out of sorts!!!"

Song of the moment : piano fire by sparklehorse feat P J Harvey.

melancholy and the infinite sadness has struck back with a vengeance and no apparent reason. this all supposed to be interactive ?? or do we just type our lives out for ppl to read cos we're audience orientated and so on and so forth.......

Sunday, February 9, 2003

F4 loonies
any moron who wastes their time queeing up in front of the national stadium for F4 needs their head examined. its times like these that i feel there's no hope for the human race. nevermind that USA is bent on disintigrating Iraq, how about those retarded F4 fans featured in today's Sunday Life!?!

i've done it again. as recklessly as i've added her to my list, i've also now messaged her. currently in conversation with her and quite surprisingly she's quite forthcoming though the messages are just a little slow in coming.
what have i done? i hope this ends out well. jesus christ.
but the mere mention of her name makes me grin like a monkey.
but. something's wrong yet.
good heavens.

immerse your soul in love

Saturday, February 8, 2003

Today has got to be the worst day of my life.... had 2 free tix to zouk, free entry to centro.... i din go for any of them.... i feel damn wasted.... i mean its nothing much to bitch about, but i muz be the only idiot who never uses the free stuffs he gets and pays for it when they arent free.... oh well... at least got all the rest i wanted... prep myself up for the whole week on the Air Craft Carrier RSN Tekong.... MEGA TON SIGH

Hai!!!! Fact wuz, I only saw Lusty Leonard (am i suppose to go with the alliteration thingy?) once.... could he be stalking me?? gee.. haha, yeap juz to defend myself, the acjc girl wuz Ruth from church which Busty Brian and Danger Dan would noe... yeap and i did abit of shopping myself... bought a Fei Yi Qin CD for my mama... n some other prezzie... hee that wud be a secret! Dinner wuz at Olio Dome... got this Orgas burger... came back and down an e33... still feeling dizzy

today i went out for a bit of "kai-kai" with my nice ol' bmt mate and i bumped into vicious vincent (just for the alliteration's sake!) not once, but three whole times. however he only noticed me for one time. he has made contact with a currently in acjc girl. not too bad looking i'll say. it was not a bad day. i've found out that good ol' FEP actually sells pretty nice looking tee-shirts at reasonable prices. went with the intent of acquiring a radiohead tee shirt but found none to my liking. i however, purchased a copy of the Le Morte d'Arthur! anyone want one? i've two now. Also in my shopping bag by the end of the day was the long desired Moon Safari by Air. that will spin once i'm done with my groove armada! however, i'm deciding to unearth some old cds to listen to once i'm done with the new ones. they are, in no order of merit, Pulp's we love life; Sparklehorse's It's a beautiful life; R.E.M's new adventures in hi-fi. enough i think.
somehow or another. i'll be by the beach tomorrow for the CRAVE (!) party.

Friday, February 7, 2003

the golden archway
My job has begun to bore me..but it didn't jump up at me saying "aahh hah !! u didn't know did u ?" I knew and I wanted to lash out and punch it. They put me in a new corner today, away from all the aforementioned Fab People. (tm) I very almost died. The sounds seemed louder, the air was thicker as if I were inhaling water.

of cos, the heaviness lifted when it was all over. It's what's happening in my brain versus whats in my head. huh ? don't ask me. i don't understand either. I dun understand alot of things.

Now, there's silver drop from the new moon, keen and glowing, like hope cutting its way through the wall of dark dreams.

The sun will shine again.

one day at a time
i'm having to go down to IDP Oz with my dad to settle first semester's tuition fees at Murdoch. applied for media studies, butthey gave me mass communications. which might not be so bad afterall. i was having second thoughts about sitting in a production room working with people i dont like. *shrug* i wouldnt know. the reality of failing in life is a very scary thought and proposition. and some many things are beyond our control.
i just hope to get a job i can enjoy working in, meet great people and put some good food on the table. contentment is the key.
plus i cant stand it when good buds like vinz win shite and i get nothing. i dont ever win competitions... *sigh*

Hey am i missing out on the action?? Ha me won 2 tix from frontallabs to zouk tmr!!!! AHH can die.... but nobody to go with.... Wats this im suppose to be a crab shit man?? And guess we all haf it good that we dun hafta be in camp today.... but gotta be in that dreaded Air Craft Carrier conspicously named Pulau Tekong nxt week man, whole damn Hari Raya burnt too... MEGA SIGH
Hiz to Leoz my trench digging buddy and Danger Dan....

screw the leopards! - brian

hed kandi

june enjoying astreal. my hedphones.

reel life initials

b- is for beautiful

the one and only morgan

morgan getting smashed

blessings from the mistress of darkness, styra foam herself!

wah u know my full name. sccarrrrry. :D anyways, i would be honoured if
you were to link me up!

and yes, go forth and spread my gospel (takes on Mistress of Darkness
booming voice), my little peasant. and ye shall be duly rewarded... wif
urm.. kachang putih or something. havent decided. :D

later gator.

> dear ginette chittick
> could i please link you to my site
> cuz i wanna let other people who visit my site (however little), to see
> your site (should they ever make it to my link page *grin*). truely, you
> have very interesting blogs, and well.. they should be shared. please
> allow me to spread your gospel.

. Styra Foam .

'twas another fun-filled day
it brightens my heart to see the blog picking up.
folk who have posted so far.


had loads of fun meeting up with some ex-jc classmates for breaks. sue, jon and wc. then followed sue and her sister jo to NUS co-op to look for cheap chemical engineering text. *nasty* then met their brother ee-wen and accompanied them too towne where there were gonna go shopping. i sound like a chaperone...
anyhow, i went to towne to meet daniel "double-stroke" tan (he's a drummer, not a pornstar). to catch up. talked abit about the silly forum jam project that we had. haha... shure would like to listen to a copy. and then he followed me around as i went to buy some practially useless gifts for certain people. *smirk*
all in due time, where i ended up in church for the meeting, good prayers and well, mebbe i'm putting my feet where they belong this time.
after that, supper with morgan and june22 at crystal jade HV. where we went digi-cam crazy. be shure to catch out the crazy pictures at morgan's

Thursday, February 6, 2003

hi hi hi! (alex from a clockwork orange), i'm feeling a little light headed tonight. i've no camp on the morrow. a mini trek up the gombak hill mindef is situated on will be the morning's programme. i need to get my teeth checked, the last time i did it was a surprisingly cute dentist who did it for me. this is quite a nice thing, this blog, a pity i do not know many people. don't get me wrong brian, i was listening to All is Dream, it's good nonetheless, but now it's Groove Armada's Vertigo that's spinning. I must say that it's really not bad at all. interesting breaks and beats. many songs i've downloaded on my puter too. what is this astreal gig about, i say? and elegantly wasted seems too bloody familiar for my liking.

1=2 we hope that you choke

hey to u briano! pls tell me wot i'm here for....its not going to be all music talk ya ? Anyhows, this blog's a great idea.....there's just so much crap in the world to write about... so u've probably heard. I've got a life, a job, (still no four door !!) one of those rare moments when life seems somehow normalized. It is as if I have, for a moment, regained the island of stability and am now rooted in it, able to distract myself from the dangerous business of keeping balance and focus on listening to everything else. It is a good thing.

more ME-related news: a friend caught me a crab yesterday. I named it Vinz. (any resemblance to anyone living or dead is entirely BRIAN'S fault !!) anyone knows what else to feed a crab ? (besides small prawns-which i've already fed, but Vinz's not eating.) small transparent crab, nice job, fabulous new ppl, good food and strangers smile at me. Sometimes I think, what's to write about ? The world's perfect anyway.

I walk through the day as through a dream.

a night of female bass players?
quite a night. managed to catch the astreal gig down at Oosh club.
the turnout was pathetic. as in small.
but the vibe was cool. like some jam session for friends (not that we were friends)
yeh, daniel sasson of livonia and linda (fuzzbox) played before astreal.
strange observation. females who sing for rock bands play bass.
but then there's paz lenchantin, melissa (smashingpumpkins) and loads more..
has it been a trend that females dominate the low end?
i'm probably just not thinking hard enough

daniel sasoon talked to us though, well, more to daniel.
it all started out with a radiohead tee-shirt. meeting people is easy
he was a nice fellow.

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

howdy! Who's danger dan? greetings good brian, i've just been thinking of starting a blog myself.
bored to my bollocks in camp now. the weather's so bloody dreary and the morning still hasn't passed even though i've played a thousand solitaire games already.
how often do you post on this blog?
i've a few cds to get too. on the top of the list being Air's Moon safari.
I'm listening to Mercury Rev presently in my disc man and somehow, somehow i've just realised that i can't listen to that sort of music too much. the soft, acoustic-y sound. it's only been on for maybe the third fourth day today and i wish i had another cd along. somehow. it's good music, no doubt. but... it's the same for belle and sebastian. my friend claims that it's a matter to do with my sexuality (hence the topic). because it's not "macho" music. ha ha ha. i'll like to think that it's just a personal preference.
mercury rev sounds plenty like sparklehorse. but i think i prefer sparklehorse.
an apple bed
quite a hefty post. i think i might have more to say. but not yet.

fond but not in love
i'll like to make my own t-shirt

hard-hitting house
well waddya know. danger dan can finally blog here.
let's see wot nonsense will sprout in our wonderful garden. *grinz*
wot?!? no one has responded to the eriko imai post? does anyone know you can actually download a 15sec advertisement? c'mon!
but then again, this blog is still unknown. we must find someway to spread the word. it must become well known and recieved.
we must become beautiful people...

in other news.
i watched my Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring extended version DVD this evening.
right before i watched Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers!
mind-blowing... and yes, i could be a junkie.
Eowyn my love!

perseverance bears much fruit

after about five thousand re-invites i got poor brian to send me, i've finally managed to log on and register myself as an official harmless (?) banana (!). :)

Tuesday, February 4, 2003

be fruitful!
in sheer bordom and lonliness, i looked up eriko imai. like me, she has a thing for vitamin c

of all the nerve.
i kena tuaed by my campmates. we were supposed to go watch shanghi knights(dont ask). but apparently the chin-dian in our group who has been doing continous guard duty since chinese new year started is too tired to move.
wot kind of sick joke is this?
i mean, army mates.. are like. we have no life so we have to go out with each other! dont you see? i have been rejected by the lowest of the low! so my place in this world is now... zilch
and because i thought i was going out with them, i actually told thomas he couldnt crash at my place. y'know..? just once, i fugured, yeh, should entertain the army dudes once in a while. and look, i go look for thomas as a rebound, and he tells me he's got other plans.
of all the nerve.

but then, mebbe it ends well. i get to watch two towers again. this time i'm accompanying my mom and sis. they should at least be more reliable. plus its their first screening. so i get to play mr know-it-all. *smirk*

on my cd-get list:
red letter day - the wallflowers
bleach - the wallflowers
thievery coorperation
st germaine
layo and bushwacka!
mebbe trainspottin' soundtrack

anything else?

y'know, i got the whole week off. so its not as if i can actually update daily. but if an oppurtunity arises. then i shall. so wot can i do this week? already i'm meeting camp friends tomorrow. who else can i go out with? everybody has their own life on a weekday. but in the meantime, i'll have to be shoppin for Sue's and Jeanie's presents. *kching!*
'kay.. Wednesday has already been settled. Gary and me are gonna crash at Jamie's place. game and anime junk-fest!
that leaves thursday and friday. i'm shure they'll sort themselevs out.

i have been advised by ginette chittick to scrub my tongue. prevents bad breath, so i shall try later on.

Monday, February 3, 2003

one good thing aboot chinese new year festivities is, visiting cousins.
then you collect the trainspotting dvd you loaned them months ago and watch it for yourself.
yupyup, i still dont have a dvd player, but my computer does... so i watched it there. small... but enjoyable.
it was different from the book in a way that, i think my imagination glamourised the happenings of the text.
but in the movie, when you see the reality of drug abuse for yourself
it's not so funny anymore.

i took a test after reading the novel:

finally!! i have uploaded the pictures right!
*heaven rejoices*

my dear sister didn't like my new desktop image, so i changed it from
zhaowei to this back at ya!
once again, i marvel at the sheer lack of my creativity.

there are so many bugs in blogging. gee whizzz.

i wonder wot Vinz and the rest are doing at Zouk right now.
was supposed to join them, but i was chilling with the band back home.
and well, although CLem said the Kreamer was spinning only at one, i feel lazy to drag my ass down to the club.
strange, because at embargo last night, i felt like dancing a 'lil
but not today.. haha, mebbe cuz i stayed up late.
dont know, dont care.. dont wanna think too much aboot it.

have fun people at Zouk!

Sunday, February 2, 2003

having the band over to talk shite was fun.
right now, we're looking for a voice, an edge.. something that makes us different. (and sound good)
gahhh! i feel so irritated. everytime i think i come up with a neat progression, someone from the band will hum to another song..
and i have this uncanny ability to sub-conciously figure songs out.
on the pre-text that i came up with it myself.
strange indeedy

i just joined a forum at
apparently, its got quite alotta regulars from the mindef froums. i used to post alot at the mindef forums when i was still a clerk for the SAF.
man, its a tad nostalgic seeing all these familiar names.. well, perhaps i can find my voice again aye?

i am known as litford which is a word i made up one fine night

well, i just came back from embargo. met up with Vinz and Clem.
kinda wished more folk were there.
it was good, cuz i got to stone. haha, i think we were all in a "stoning" mood.
think i saw Najip Ali too.. ah well, the last time i was at embargo he was there too.
probably likes to chill there too.
having problems tryna get dangerdan to join this blog. but any minute now...

if you've just joined us, this is a new lame project brought to you by © phaserpublications.
the new blog of single scene evolution
and as usual, my own updates might only happen on weekends.. because i stay in a camp, faraway from home. *sob sob*

Saturday, February 1, 2003

just finished updating my webby.
having a website and blo seperately kinda feels like two-timing.
not that i know wot it's like to two time.
anyhow, shared a really honest outlook in the webby.
somehow, its all coming out.

the luna new year, day one:
hey, it was fun. i guess when you don't meet your immediate relatives very often, it's always fun to talk and laugh once again. it's quite amazing.. that warm family atmosphere. i guess it's cuz we all grew up together. :)
we had lunch at my granny's place, an annual affair. although there was less food this year, in a way it was better.
also, my own folks went down to the coffee club at holland village to enjoy a cuppa.
yeh. being in camp for a whole week, really makes me appreciate my family more.
sometimes, you just take'em for granted that they'll be there for you all the time.