Friday, February 7, 2003

blessings from the mistress of darkness, styra foam herself!

wah u know my full name. sccarrrrry. :D anyways, i would be honoured if
you were to link me up!

and yes, go forth and spread my gospel (takes on Mistress of Darkness
booming voice), my little peasant. and ye shall be duly rewarded... wif
urm.. kachang putih or something. havent decided. :D

later gator.

> dear ginette chittick
> could i please link you to my site
> cuz i wanna let other people who visit my site (however little), to see
> your site (should they ever make it to my link page *grin*). truely, you
> have very interesting blogs, and well.. they should be shared. please
> allow me to spread your gospel.

. Styra Foam .

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