Friday, February 7, 2003

'twas another fun-filled day
it brightens my heart to see the blog picking up.
folk who have posted so far.


had loads of fun meeting up with some ex-jc classmates for breaks. sue, jon and wc. then followed sue and her sister jo to NUS co-op to look for cheap chemical engineering text. *nasty* then met their brother ee-wen and accompanied them too towne where there were gonna go shopping. i sound like a chaperone...
anyhow, i went to towne to meet daniel "double-stroke" tan (he's a drummer, not a pornstar). to catch up. talked abit about the silly forum jam project that we had. haha... shure would like to listen to a copy. and then he followed me around as i went to buy some practially useless gifts for certain people. *smirk*
all in due time, where i ended up in church for the meeting, good prayers and well, mebbe i'm putting my feet where they belong this time.
after that, supper with morgan and june22 at crystal jade HV. where we went digi-cam crazy. be shure to catch out the crazy pictures at morgan's

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