Tuesday, February 4, 2003

of all the nerve.
i kena tuaed by my campmates. we were supposed to go watch shanghi knights(dont ask). but apparently the chin-dian in our group who has been doing continous guard duty since chinese new year started is too tired to move.
wot kind of sick joke is this?
i mean, army mates.. are like. we have no life so we have to go out with each other! dont you see? i have been rejected by the lowest of the low! so my place in this world is now... zilch
and because i thought i was going out with them, i actually told thomas he couldnt crash at my place. y'know..? just once, i fugured, yeh, should entertain the army dudes once in a while. and look, i go look for thomas as a rebound, and he tells me he's got other plans.
of all the nerve.

but then, mebbe it ends well. i get to watch two towers again. this time i'm accompanying my mom and sis. they should at least be more reliable. plus its their first screening. so i get to play mr know-it-all. *smirk*

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