Thursday, February 6, 2003

hi hi hi! (alex from a clockwork orange), i'm feeling a little light headed tonight. i've no camp on the morrow. a mini trek up the gombak hill mindef is situated on will be the morning's programme. i need to get my teeth checked, the last time i did it was a surprisingly cute dentist who did it for me. this is quite a nice thing, this blog, a pity i do not know many people. don't get me wrong brian, i was listening to All is Dream, it's good nonetheless, but now it's Groove Armada's Vertigo that's spinning. I must say that it's really not bad at all. interesting breaks and beats. many songs i've downloaded on my puter too. what is this astreal gig about, i say? and elegantly wasted seems too bloody familiar for my liking.

1=2 we hope that you choke

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