Saturday, February 8, 2003

today i went out for a bit of "kai-kai" with my nice ol' bmt mate and i bumped into vicious vincent (just for the alliteration's sake!) not once, but three whole times. however he only noticed me for one time. he has made contact with a currently in acjc girl. not too bad looking i'll say. it was not a bad day. i've found out that good ol' FEP actually sells pretty nice looking tee-shirts at reasonable prices. went with the intent of acquiring a radiohead tee shirt but found none to my liking. i however, purchased a copy of the Le Morte d'Arthur! anyone want one? i've two now. Also in my shopping bag by the end of the day was the long desired Moon Safari by Air. that will spin once i'm done with my groove armada! however, i'm deciding to unearth some old cds to listen to once i'm done with the new ones. they are, in no order of merit, Pulp's we love life; Sparklehorse's It's a beautiful life; R.E.M's new adventures in hi-fi. enough i think.
somehow or another. i'll be by the beach tomorrow for the CRAVE (!) party.

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