Wednesday, February 5, 2003

howdy! Who's danger dan? greetings good brian, i've just been thinking of starting a blog myself.
bored to my bollocks in camp now. the weather's so bloody dreary and the morning still hasn't passed even though i've played a thousand solitaire games already.
how often do you post on this blog?
i've a few cds to get too. on the top of the list being Air's Moon safari.
I'm listening to Mercury Rev presently in my disc man and somehow, somehow i've just realised that i can't listen to that sort of music too much. the soft, acoustic-y sound. it's only been on for maybe the third fourth day today and i wish i had another cd along. somehow. it's good music, no doubt. but... it's the same for belle and sebastian. my friend claims that it's a matter to do with my sexuality (hence the topic). because it's not "macho" music. ha ha ha. i'll like to think that it's just a personal preference.
mercury rev sounds plenty like sparklehorse. but i think i prefer sparklehorse.
an apple bed
quite a hefty post. i think i might have more to say. but not yet.

fond but not in love
i'll like to make my own t-shirt

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