Thursday, February 6, 2003

hey to u briano! pls tell me wot i'm here for....its not going to be all music talk ya ? Anyhows, this blog's a great idea.....there's just so much crap in the world to write about... so u've probably heard. I've got a life, a job, (still no four door !!) one of those rare moments when life seems somehow normalized. It is as if I have, for a moment, regained the island of stability and am now rooted in it, able to distract myself from the dangerous business of keeping balance and focus on listening to everything else. It is a good thing.

more ME-related news: a friend caught me a crab yesterday. I named it Vinz. (any resemblance to anyone living or dead is entirely BRIAN'S fault !!) anyone knows what else to feed a crab ? (besides small prawns-which i've already fed, but Vinz's not eating.) small transparent crab, nice job, fabulous new ppl, good food and strangers smile at me. Sometimes I think, what's to write about ? The world's perfect anyway.

I walk through the day as through a dream.

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