Sunday, February 16, 2003

oooh so tired... but ohhh wot a day!
in the continuing series about my life:
with a capitol ""L"
oh kay, anyhows, in a recent conversation with jeanie, she said that this blog is not interactive enough. well.. i dinnae ken, but she reckoned that no one replys to her posts, and that we, the music junkies just go on and on about music. oh well.. i do reply to your posts jeanie! *sigh* yes yes, but not many people visit this blog. so we need to spread our love!

yar. i was on duty on saturday. in fact, i probably cant update daily no more. weekly probably.

yeap, today i kinda met up with Sue-lyn, if even for a short while. since i reckon she don't come 'ere. haha... well, i guess catching up with her lately has warmed my heart somehow. its not as if i'm starting to like her all over again. its just that, you know when your heart grows cold for reasons? yeh, well, its just starting to warm again. gahhhh!!@@!! i will go no further than necessary. this is afterall.. ONLINE, and PUBLIC.

tata everyone.

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