Saturday, February 22, 2003

gorillas in the mist
today, it is my two year anniversary in nationl service!@! that means exactly six more months before i leave this shitehole!!
in other news, lyndon long asked me to log onto icq s i can tell him wot wallflowers official merchendise i want. but im only 15mins late.. and he's nowhere to be found! well.. i want a black fedora if they have one. and perhaps a cool band t-shirt or something. jukies we are.

in other news. im watching the third installment of digimon. finally! properly engrish dubbed anime! it used to be filipinas who dubbed over seasons one and two. well... haha, mebbe im a closet fan. i like the artwork, and it'd be cool to have a pet who kicked major ass. :)
also happened to watch charlie's angels last night. i reckon they're showing re-runs on TV2. hahaha.. so cheesy.. fnky sleauth music. its amazing!

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