Wednesday, April 30, 2003

SpoonSpoof is just dormant
Have I ever told you I luuureve the purple ?!! *massive grin* okay. It seems as if every time i sit down to write here, which is seldom these days (you noticed? little me? hush yourself.) i grant, but still, each time i sit here, i start entries and then feel like they're pointless. I don't have anything to contribute. I have an online journal which is almost eat-my-heart-out pabulum. This explains why it is locked...blah blah blah. see. nothing to contribute. I have a dead brain. obviously, someone (e.g, you) out there writes from a place of happiness, fulfillment, or some other mostly wholesome soulful depth. and i guess i do that too. but only in my head. sentence fragments. i don't take care to document the sunny joy or placid relief of normalcy. i'm just so busy being relieved that i'm not shot through with anger and weariness. i'm tired in a whole different, vague way. part of me likes that.

part of me doesn't.

and if it's any consolation, with all my icy-purplish heart, I DO adore this blog because its sooo full of grape-like goodness. :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

i updated my website single scene evolution i guess it's still very much alive after neglecting it for so long. do check out the new reviews and rantings!

at work
whoa.. a computer at work..
hi mom! i'm on the internet!!
oh kay, now i'm done irritating the hell outta myself and you.
someone please send me home... my shift dosent end till ten. *groan*

you may see more
i've now been tasked to help with SARS contact tracing. so that's why i appear online during the weekdays.
some part of me actually feels useful to help out during the crisis.
while another part of me would just prefer for the government to declare martial law on this nation, quarantine everyone for two weeks and just let the virus die out.
and hey... it's just a suggestion

character traits
do you have to let you computer do something useful when you're not at it?
i made mine download mercury rev while i was taking my shower.
link information by hysterical and useless

hate online applications even more
i finished my eVisa applications an hour ago. but no... it didn't stop there. now i have to go for some shite-y x-ray and health check up. by panel doctors decided by the australian ministry! i mean, what kind of sick monopolising deal did they establish with certain private practinioners anyhow?? gee whizz...

Monday, April 28, 2003

seventy seven more days!
that's seventy seven more freakin' days!
that's a total of eleven more freakin' weeks!
it dosen't get any better than this...

goodbye you stupid f---ed up organisation!
always practice self-censorship

hate online applications
especially when you're doing it on a 56kps.
spent the whole morning applying, or rather loading page after page for my electronic student visa. gahh!!!
anyhow, i'm home now, cuz i'm going to work at one-thirty. the tenth singapore infantry brigade has been activated to help in SARS contact tracing. wow! free manpower!

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

ok i am not too sure how this works...but here's saying hello...

Sunday, April 20, 2003

can i pull the mohawk off? (to all the cynics)
from this:

to this

without the grit and ripped muscles of course... it'll take more than one seesion at the stylist

whoo hoo!! long break! but it could've been longer... *heh* we always want more.
did i do much this weekend? yeah... the moment i reached home, was supposed to meet the gang at Zouk for a late night out. did to, and it was a good night for me. can't say the same for those that got smashed. hmmm.. i drank less this time round. kinda intend to keep it that way till i ORD. mebbe that night i won't wanna / need to remember my name.
after getting back at five in the morning, thanks to chatting with Vinz's new friends... *rasp* i went directly to bed. then my dad kicked me out of bed at eight thirty to go eat breakfast. i didnt mind, figured i should spend time with my folks too. then he dropped the rest of us at church for good friday service. its a good reminder, good friday. and it always rains on good friday, did you ever notice that? then we went home to sleep. but i went back to church at five for worship practice.
by this time, i was nursing a relapse of stomach flu/indigestion from friday. i was kinda too sick to go out anywhere, so i went online. that's when i met jeannie who bemoaned that her friend "panged sehed" her on their shopping trip. so i guess i popped two indigestion pills into my system and met up with her (yay!) to shop. in a way i played out my army friends who organised a "expensive lunch extravaganza" in some fancy restaurant. but it was sooo last minute! yeah, had fun chaperoning and chilling instead :)
where do you think i am? easter celebrations were great! and i got a pink t-shirt from fourskin. it said welcome to wonderland how could i possibly resist? anger management wasn't all it was made put to be.

my life ... why did i just share all that? siao

Sunday, April 13, 2003

tears of the sun
i'm still dissecting whether it should constitute as american propaganda admist the state of the war in Iraq because it potrays american soldiers as liberators of opression and tyranny.
however, wot makes this different from most other war movies, is the massive civillian relationships that the soldiers interact with. this kind of shows you wot happens on the ground, in the mud as a soldier. no top brass politics, just wot any man might do. or fight for.
new CDs
Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals
The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi battles the pink robots
Ocean's Eleven OST (finally!!)
Janis Joplin - The Greatest Hits (suprise suprise!)
dream haircut
a freakin' mohawk! already maintaining a modified fin which Sue-Anne claims is passë(sorry, i'm still sour... keke)
i want a 15" powerbook!!! material wants never make you content. but still... ...

download your shot of my dark star here

the new demo by the band features electronic beats, new slurr-y vox, keyboards(none of us know how to play, but Thomas bravely tinkled a tune), nifty pop-isque chord progressions, licks and the unbelievable clock-in time of 2:47! the second shortest song this band has recorded.
we hope you like it.

Saturday, April 5, 2003

SAF stupidity chapter one
over-head over the radio last night during guard duty

Duty Officer : DO to Guard Room.
Guard Room : Guard Room send.
Duty Officer : DO, ermm.. what is today's night snack?
Guard Room : Guard Room, err.. today's nightsnack is... ..."Twiggies"
Duty Officer : DO. ... ... what is "Twiggies"?
Guard Room : ... ... errrr ... ... its... ... some sort of... ... v..anilla puff...?