Wednesday, April 30, 2003

SpoonSpoof is just dormant
Have I ever told you I luuureve the purple ?!! *massive grin* okay. It seems as if every time i sit down to write here, which is seldom these days (you noticed? little me? hush yourself.) i grant, but still, each time i sit here, i start entries and then feel like they're pointless. I don't have anything to contribute. I have an online journal which is almost eat-my-heart-out pabulum. This explains why it is locked...blah blah blah. see. nothing to contribute. I have a dead brain. obviously, someone (e.g, you) out there writes from a place of happiness, fulfillment, or some other mostly wholesome soulful depth. and i guess i do that too. but only in my head. sentence fragments. i don't take care to document the sunny joy or placid relief of normalcy. i'm just so busy being relieved that i'm not shot through with anger and weariness. i'm tired in a whole different, vague way. part of me likes that.

part of me doesn't.

and if it's any consolation, with all my icy-purplish heart, I DO adore this blog because its sooo full of grape-like goodness. :)

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