Sunday, April 20, 2003

whoo hoo!! long break! but it could've been longer... *heh* we always want more.
did i do much this weekend? yeah... the moment i reached home, was supposed to meet the gang at Zouk for a late night out. did to, and it was a good night for me. can't say the same for those that got smashed. hmmm.. i drank less this time round. kinda intend to keep it that way till i ORD. mebbe that night i won't wanna / need to remember my name.
after getting back at five in the morning, thanks to chatting with Vinz's new friends... *rasp* i went directly to bed. then my dad kicked me out of bed at eight thirty to go eat breakfast. i didnt mind, figured i should spend time with my folks too. then he dropped the rest of us at church for good friday service. its a good reminder, good friday. and it always rains on good friday, did you ever notice that? then we went home to sleep. but i went back to church at five for worship practice.
by this time, i was nursing a relapse of stomach flu/indigestion from friday. i was kinda too sick to go out anywhere, so i went online. that's when i met jeannie who bemoaned that her friend "panged sehed" her on their shopping trip. so i guess i popped two indigestion pills into my system and met up with her (yay!) to shop. in a way i played out my army friends who organised a "expensive lunch extravaganza" in some fancy restaurant. but it was sooo last minute! yeah, had fun chaperoning and chilling instead :)
where do you think i am? easter celebrations were great! and i got a pink t-shirt from fourskin. it said welcome to wonderland how could i possibly resist? anger management wasn't all it was made put to be.

my life ... why did i just share all that? siao

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