Sunday, April 13, 2003

tears of the sun
i'm still dissecting whether it should constitute as american propaganda admist the state of the war in Iraq because it potrays american soldiers as liberators of opression and tyranny.
however, wot makes this different from most other war movies, is the massive civillian relationships that the soldiers interact with. this kind of shows you wot happens on the ground, in the mud as a soldier. no top brass politics, just wot any man might do. or fight for.
new CDs
Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals
The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi battles the pink robots
Ocean's Eleven OST (finally!!)
Janis Joplin - The Greatest Hits (suprise suprise!)
dream haircut
a freakin' mohawk! already maintaining a modified fin which Sue-Anne claims is passë(sorry, i'm still sour... keke)
i want a 15" powerbook!!! material wants never make you content. but still... ...

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