Monday, June 30, 2003

wot a way to start the next half of the year!
in roughly nine minutes time. every year, an organisation of immense power comes together in celebration of pure stupidity. last year, we carried on with a parade in the blasted rain. it'll be hard to top such stupidity. catch it all at the saf day parade!

my dark star
will be playing this saturday jul 5 8pm at the youth park stage for an event entitled diva la soccer (don't ask).
but we're really excited, and hope you can share the musical experience with us. plus, it's a virgin public performance. and we all start somewhere.

paternal objection
dad's been telling me not to spend so much time jamming. i should concentrate on my preperations for australia. that i should prioritise my issues. well, yeah. but this gig is really important to me. i may not be very practical about it, but if we're too put up a good performance, we need the practice and the tightness. and the mood has to be based on something good. but i didnt flare up at him, cuz i owe him too much. and something kept me back.

Saturday, June 28, 2003

what just happened?
man, i guess i basically just spent the whole day at home. if i keep doing this, i'll be a junkie. i think today also marks the record number of hours i've been online. no lifer. but hey, it felt pretty good just stoning online. looking at stuff, information, download music, chat with friends. i signed up for msn windows mesenger. they've got a pretty extensive chat program, of which 99% is spam. the 1% that isnt, i made new friends with mebbe %0.0001. yeap, imet a programming student from illionios and a woman from alaska. had a good time chatting with them. defintely eased the bordem. someone also passed me a great site to download some free electronic dance. here and here
but i spent too much time at home, i really feel wasted.

i got a date with the night
midnight - you are a deep thinker, always searching
for answers and never quite at home. you are
very contemplative, and enjoy being alone with
your thoughts.

when are you?
brought to you by quizilla

well, it's the title of a yeahyeahyeahs song and they performed it on the late show with david letterman. brilliant stuff!
well, thanks to ntv 7, i have also managed to check out :
radiohead's there there video
blur's crazy beat video

and the new jewel video, intuition

speaks alot about the lousy programmes on spore's channal five.

Friday, June 27, 2003

from russia with love
insane in the membrane. some weirdo on icq. probably a spammer.

FuckMe 1:35

I have liked your profile and I has decided to write You.

FuckMe 1:35
Tell me itself, me much interesting you..

It's my profile:

I wait you,

a nine-month secret
great. my unit just found out that since october, i haven't cleared my ippt.individual physical proficiency test. so oh well, it really puts a dent in my mood. gonna have the test the following tuesday. i'm gonna kick it in it's face. but in the meantime, 24 is on tv right now, and it's the best!

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

down south
alright! i just came back from OD's, a blues jazz pub situated at stadium cove. the yuenster's band, the revellers were playing a set there and man! were they tight! they played all covers, and it brought the good old days of seventies southern rock and roll. remenicent of lynard skynard, grand funk railroad, the allman brothers. a good brand of straight ahead blues and some notable pop tunes. memorable songs were : inside looking out, two of us, suzie q, sweet home alabama for those who don't know, the yuenster plays the drums. his other members included sadiq/bass, mark/vox/guitars/harmonica, nic/vox/guitars. i had a swell time chilling with morgan, vinz, thomas and chris. hsia ling, yao chong, kent and his friend were all there giving their support. alright! then when i got home, i fixed myself a toasted ham&cheese sandwich. wot i do is, grill a slice of bread on it's buttered side on a frying pan. put a slice of chedder and ham. cover with another slice of bread. press together till the cheese melts. voila! i had that for lunch and cornflakes for breakfast. and thus goes my day. (nothing happened in the afternoon except that i updated my website)

nine inch nails - the downward spiral

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

jeannie's sick
a little taken aback, just found out that jeannie is ill after coming back from church camp. hope you get well soon!

hangin' out
i finally watched the matrix : reloaded with my good bud and dark star guitarist, thomas today at great world city's imax theatre. i did the equivilant of window shopping with him. and he's really interested in gettin' some rretro looking shirts. colours that mr jay-k of jamiroquai fame would wear. then my dad and me are living the bachelor life. we eat dinner and do our own grocceries. breakfast for this week is settled! pretty nifty way to spend the day.
howdy do!
this picture was taken by morgan

get equipped
my heart cries out for these material posessions :

gravis battery pack
support for troopsnifty front pocket to stuff laptop!
420D Nylon Ripstop and 300D Poly fabric combination • Large zippered top pocket folds back to access large stuff pocket with magnetic closure • Zippered side pockets • Large main compartment features a zippered mesh organizing pocket •

fujitsu lifebook c series
upload and personal
the alternative to the apple 15" powerbook.

Monday, June 23, 2003

the intended
if you blog for no one, is it just as much fun? haha, yeah.. was just telling morgan how i'll never be satisfied. even if i got a digicam and started sharing pictures, i'll never be satisfied if i didn't have a fan base for this blog. so oh well, mebbe i'd just like to say to meself : get over it! stupid insecure dipshit! now i feel slightly better gettin' that off my chest. i'll get a digicam before leaving for perth! just you wait fellas!

manta rays on central
i've been out since eight. and non-stop, i've been kept busy doing something. church. lunch with dad. attended the bullshite pre-depareture seminar for international students. jammed with the band at wakemeupmusic studios. had dinner with kunz and thomas. watched morgan's entry for the starlight film festival. had supper at selegie kopitiam. home. man, i really feel zonked. kinda went thru the entire motion today. the dude at wakemeup, kai said we sounded like we were influenced by radiohead. does it really show? and he took a lil polaroid picture of us, and we pasted it on the notice board. i wonder if he does it to every band, or only bands they think show promise? i'm patronising myself. haha, and it was cool watching how morgan's film all came together. really proud of him and his team of sam and ratnor, that they managed to pull off something like that. and they used our songs really well. i thought they complemented each other. :-)

Saturday, June 21, 2003

alert! alert!
yes humbly bows, i am a geek when it comes to video games even though i don't play console or computer games that much. but their stories are so darned interesting. anyhow, this is the reason i'm up late and am gonna get an x-box one day. i loved the real-tme-strategy game, and by george, i'm gonna be a geek!
warning : not for anti-sci-fi buffs or opposers of the starcraft universe.

i don't really know wot to say
after spilling out my day over at jeannie's blog. hmmm.. i guess we had supper at dan ryan's. i'm not too impressed with the fish and chips. they're huge, but the fish isn't fresh. is that news worthy? crab cakes are next on the list. i remember a few silly jokes flying across the table,. but a notable one would be clement mentioning something about, watching cartoons only for the moving images and not paying attention to the sounds. vinz gave the punchline that he should've gotten a tele with sount enabled. haha. but somehow it dosen't sound so funny here..

Friday, June 20, 2003

in the 70s
"take a look at this pentagon tape!"
was watching the incredible hulk cartoon circia 1970. that's wot the army general said to his daughter and her boyfriend bruce banner. but so easy to take home classified documents meh? tok kok one..

and they didn't tell us
absolutely zero advertisements for the second season of 24. i mean, wot's up with that? such a great series, and mediacorp just keeps mum about it? bah, commercial bastards. anyhow, here's a recap of wots going on. in the space of 24 hours, a nuclear bomb is gonna go off smack inthe middle of L.A. jack bauyer is sent undercover to investigate. unfortunately, the terrorist group he's with has been planning to blow up his hq, c.t.u. which, in fact they already did after today. so in the ongoing episodes, we're gonna see if jack bauyer can foil these terrorist plans or not. it's fantastic! next thursday 1230am.
the initial reason i started watching 24
elisha cuthbert / kim bauyer

we're all gonna die!
a bomb's gonna explode in c.t.u in four minutes time. yikes! i'm watching 24 gripping stuff!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

blogger is totally screwing up. jeannie, i'm sorry i had to delete your post, but blogger was merging the posts together. and now even after i deleted yours, it's merging with the next post! *sigh* i hope the stupid server sorts itself out. i'm outta here

everything is not ok
alrighty then, came back from guard duty in the morning. trasnport fees, SGD 11.50. bloody hell, all because they couldn't arrange transport out of camp for me. the taxi fare alone was SGD 9.70 (SGD 3.20 for booking and SGD 1 for peak hour) to tampines mall. so i took the bus back from there. and so i find myself back here after four and a half hours online. was surfing thru the blogs and some other stuff, plus spending time helping jeannie tweak her blog, plus added a brand spanking new blogback system. it's got a more flexible design and it adds to the spiffiness of my purple domain.

everything is not ok
alrighty then, came back from guard duty in the morning. trasnport fees, SGD 11.50. bloody hell, all because they couldn't arrange transport out of camp for me. the taxi fare alone was SGD 9.70 (SGD 3.20 for booking and SGD 1 for peak hour) to tampines mall. so i took the bus back from there. and so i find myself back here after four and a half hours online. was surfing thru the blogs and some other stuff, plus spending time helping jeannie tweak her blog, plus added a brand spanking new

Monday, June 16, 2003

have a look-see! dinner fourteenth july
all these snaps are by morgan. the collection can be found here. these are some of my favourites :-)

clement and his ju-on impersonationsurreal shot of keys
gazing heavenwardlaopok(sue-anne) and her cheery self
rad!east side brother!
ooooh, those feet smell!that's my mom!
mugshot! the lizard king looks on..morgan looks up grimlock for revelationthe inane zoukbot stumbles out of a factory

will i never be rid of them
once again, the current organisation i am in steals my youth, like a thief in the night. they have wrenched me from my off day tomorrow, citing unrealistic reasons to make me do guard duty tomorrow night. to all skeptics, i am glad to be leaving this stupidity on july 17.

name change too
bek's blog is now known as shockwaves in multitudes. is the whole world changing their blog titles? because i have to provide updated information to the nichë community, it means work.

name change
gen's blog, orangepsyche has been renamed junk&funk. the changes are reflected in the little space on the right.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

pictures from the night
alright! eight pictures are up at morga'n's blog. plus, he's prolly gonna start a new page for those pictures at this page. the current splash was taken the by rad-man himself, the yuenster.

calloused fingertips
well, after an exhausting day yesterday, i woke up at eight-twenty and left for church soon after. didn't go out with my chrch friends, because i decided to spend my it my family for wot could be the last full family lunch together. then after that, my dark star finally checked out wakemeupmusic studios at the queensway area. i am impressed, the dude on duty was so obliging and he made a nice comment about our music. and he gave me free stickers when i bought the red letter day zine and 1-inch buttons. the studio was well furnished and the amplifiers were a joy to use. really like the place. we're gonna jam there again next sunday! and once again, i think the band sounds great, all our songs are starting to take shape. this could be a terrifying new dawn..

happy flicks

which finding nemo character are you?
brought to you by quizilla

i've got a bad fin! *grin*

oh man, it's finally over! haha, but man, it was an awesome day and night. spent the day doing groceries and prepping with my mom and sis for the dinner party. mom made roasted pork loin, chix, bruschetta and spagetti boloneigse. my sis made fettutine carbonara and apple crumble. i made tiramisu and cookie bits! and everybody brought themselves and loads of good fun. thanks to my family and friends for making it happen. morgan's photos should be up soon! check it when it happens, they're awesome shots!

got my copy ofzouk : the book and all the associated memoriabilia.
and then we managed to "gatecrash" the launch party. free entry AND drinks.awesome night, dj b rocked my socks.

Friday, June 13, 2003

coffee and cake madness!
yay! my mom, sis and me have just accomplished the task of jamie oliver's chocolate tiramisu. i must admit, that it does look fine.. sadly though, we don't think there's enough of the mascarpone cheese, mebbe for the next batch, we'll increase the measurements. also, we didn't have marsala or tia maria. so we substituted with grand marnier and khalua. the orange liquer ought to go well with the chocholate sponge base. also we soaked it in hazelnut flavoured coffee rather than expresso shots. the results of taste will be out mebbe later tonight. and if you're at my dinner gathering tomorrow, you'll defintely get to taste it!

that astreal song
i guess 39 minutes ago would have marked the anniversary of that astreal song, june 12.

with tippy toes i creep back home
aye all, i'm finally back.
first on my mind, i'm impressed with the traffic, 69 visitors since sunday! truely, i am amazed. but then, the blogback system dosen't seem to be appearing. that is truely weird. well, to all those who contributed to the number 69, thank you so much! in an insecure way, it means something to me.*grin*
in other news, i am clearing all my off before i ord from the saf. finally, two and a half years i have waited tirelessly and many sleepless nights i have dreamt of that elusive freedom. come july sixteen, a new dawn beckons.

Sunday, June 8, 2003

departing words
i may not be able to blog as frequently now, since i'm going back to pasir ris camp tonight. might be out next weekend. might be out mid-week. hey, if i had the answers to everything, i'd be a friggin billionaire.

and our world collapses
i gave in, new to the site is a sitetracker. with it, i can monitor the poor traffic that comes to my blog. i didn't want one in the begining, because i didn't wanna see the bad news. but well, it's there now. so i hope the regulars will keep being regular! it's a community and we gotta help each other out. keke.

Saturday, June 7, 2003

who the heck is nemo?!?
yay. i feel excited about going to watch finding nemo. it looks like a terribly funny show, and hehe.. i love sea critters! should've been born an octopus or something. anyhow, my parents put ten dollars in my inbox today. it makes me really happy, and i'm gonna blow it on the movie later! *sigh* i am broke. there's an interesting story behind this. i'm shure my parents left the money in the box before i woke up. the thing is that i only found out after washing up. i was praying while washing up, that i wished i had money to watch the show. and there it was. but y'know.. does God anticipate prayer? heeheehee :)

attempted but failed miserably, another hand at grappling with issues. check it here in my outlooks page. i apologise in advanced if you are disgusted by my pathetic attempt to re-sort my brianwave patterns. they are confused and will therefore manifest themselves as somewhat confusing.

and yes, i have updated my webby again. even put up two lacklustre reviews and a new entry for june'03

Friday, June 6, 2003

in that shady corner of my living room
the ritual of blogging. this is where i type my thoughts out, and man do i have a nudge in my forhead and an aching neck. i slept at two and woke up at eleven thirty. ahhh.. the luxuries of having a day off. anyways i must've slept wrongly or something. woke up to oliver's twist which is basically another jamie oliver cooking / lifestyle show. learnt how to bake a mean salmon with fresh peppers and lime dip. but i reckon that the chocolate tiramisu i learnt on wednesday is way more wicked.

it had to end. i'm gonna be back in camp sunday night. so well, there goes five weeks of pure slack at sgh. but then again, i'm probably leaving singapore on the sixteenth of july. so that isn't too bad. hmmm, i'm online at this time. i guess i just wanna maximise the time i'm awake doing nothing. it feels safe doing nothing productive, because you're living the now. nothing touches you when you're alive at that very moment. something might kill you later.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

today i posed a pretty useless question to three people at work today :

is the key to truely living, mediocrity or extremity?

caught litter-bugging!
a white suzuki, liscence plate no. SCP7847H was caught littering on the curb of pasir panjang village at 0015 hrs. the stupid thing was that the man bothered to open his door, but couldn't walk to the bin. i wonder if i could have done more as a civic duty. but you'd probably be wasting your breath on thick numbskulls like that.

Sunday, June 1, 2003

yes! gelatin in papayas? i was eating some papaya just now, kept in the fridge for mebbe three days. and i noticed clear transparent gelatin on the tips of my fingers. very strange indeedy.

due good unto others
singapore is out of the w.h.o hot zone. that makes certain administration into australia so much easier. but that's not the point. my mom's growing some sorta strange plant / bean. it's causing a stench, kinda like puke around my house. using this computer is getting to be quite a challenge. *barf* also, after dinner, my folks and i dropped some stuff off at the salvation army. yeah.. it was a good feeling giving away some useful stuff to hopefully someone who might need / want them. but then, it's a sad that i gte my kicks from these.