Sunday, June 15, 2003

calloused fingertips
well, after an exhausting day yesterday, i woke up at eight-twenty and left for church soon after. didn't go out with my chrch friends, because i decided to spend my it my family for wot could be the last full family lunch together. then after that, my dark star finally checked out wakemeupmusic studios at the queensway area. i am impressed, the dude on duty was so obliging and he made a nice comment about our music. and he gave me free stickers when i bought the red letter day zine and 1-inch buttons. the studio was well furnished and the amplifiers were a joy to use. really like the place. we're gonna jam there again next sunday! and once again, i think the band sounds great, all our songs are starting to take shape. this could be a terrifying new dawn..

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