Monday, June 23, 2003

manta rays on central
i've been out since eight. and non-stop, i've been kept busy doing something. church. lunch with dad. attended the bullshite pre-depareture seminar for international students. jammed with the band at wakemeupmusic studios. had dinner with kunz and thomas. watched morgan's entry for the starlight film festival. had supper at selegie kopitiam. home. man, i really feel zonked. kinda went thru the entire motion today. the dude at wakemeup, kai said we sounded like we were influenced by radiohead. does it really show? and he took a lil polaroid picture of us, and we pasted it on the notice board. i wonder if he does it to every band, or only bands they think show promise? i'm patronising myself. haha, and it was cool watching how morgan's film all came together. really proud of him and his team of sam and ratnor, that they managed to pull off something like that. and they used our songs really well. i thought they complemented each other. :-)

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