Saturday, June 28, 2003

what just happened?
man, i guess i basically just spent the whole day at home. if i keep doing this, i'll be a junkie. i think today also marks the record number of hours i've been online. no lifer. but hey, it felt pretty good just stoning online. looking at stuff, information, download music, chat with friends. i signed up for msn windows mesenger. they've got a pretty extensive chat program, of which 99% is spam. the 1% that isnt, i made new friends with mebbe %0.0001. yeap, imet a programming student from illionios and a woman from alaska. had a good time chatting with them. defintely eased the bordem. someone also passed me a great site to download some free electronic dance. here and here
but i spent too much time at home, i really feel wasted.

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