Sunday, March 11, 2007

while the city sleeps

while the city sleeps
another fine snap by folkstar!

the cold cold night
it's actually been a rather warm night, but as i took a short stroll around my estate, i could still feel the slight breeze caressing the stillness of the night. i watched three movies tonight, and they did make me feel accomplished because i got out of it feeling somewhat fulfiled. maybe it took my mind off things, maybe it was the need to take my mind off things. it always helps, when you have a lot of paranoia.

well, my body is finally starting to shut down, i can feel it leaving my system as i prepare to retire for the night. where i'll dream dreams only to forget them in the morning, and all that was past stays in the past. i don't mean to talk in codes, and no.. my life is not spiralling into depression. i had a rather good day, ate brekke with yh and attended a wedding of one of my church friends from perth and met up with a few of the returned singaporeans whom i haven't seen in awhile. namely peivn, wm and angie. i proceeded to come home at five and slept till seven thirty, whereby began my movie marathon of scooby doo, the royal tenunbums and the bride with white hair. usually, i might be bitten by a bug of lonliness, but today it was solitude my heart desired perhaps. to not be bound by social obligations and just enjoy some alone time.

i hope you enjoy the photo, it may not look like the bloc party album cover, but it was inspired by it. remembered i was atop a roof and didn't wanna let the chance slip. oh what i would have given for a long shutter and a tripod to chronicle the magical night. find yourself. or be found.

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