Thursday, April 12, 2007

fairness comes with a not so fair price

oooohhh.. you have to watch this. it's in such stark contrast to the anti smoking campaigns singapore has been putting out. (i'll embed the australian version since they're similar)

it's interesting init? the way opinions changed over the last 40 years. now we think we're right that smoking is harmful, i wonder what things will be like 20 years down the road? maybe it will be car emissions destroying the planet we live in, and they'll use scare tactics for that.

my point is simple, that such media articles affect the way we form our opinions. nobody was thinking of throat cancer 60 years ago, and while we're concerned about CFC emissions, no one's really taking it seriously yes either. not until the next shocking advert. so how're you gonna subvert all these messages flying at you?

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