Thursday, April 19, 2007

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wow, working really does take up your time. the part time arrangement worked in the sense that i'd actually have time to rest up or at least hang out late and still sleep in. also, i suppose that when one works part time, the work isn't taken too seriously. not to say things aren't done professionally, but rather, it's just more carefree and easy going.

so what sorta work ethic does one take on for full time work? well, i really enjoy what i'm learning from my current organisation. it's crazy, no amount of case studies or essays or fictional communication plans prepare you for real world PR. assignments that i would normally be given a week to complete such as treatments or press releases i now do in half a day. and that doesn't count the re-drafts as well. but tough as it is, it's so much more practical learning because you see how your actions affect your teammates, clients and most importantly, the media space around us.

okay, but enough talk on the boring rant. nothing really much to update in terms of life. i grabbed a coupla drinks at Loof with some friends after dinner, and it was a minty affair with two mint based drinks, one of them being their very famous mojito. great to just kick back after a day's work. i actually feel like a yuppie. good lord.

i've been thinking of getting some new blogspace, but mainly because i'm thinking i should seriously rework the infrastructure of this blog to accommodate RSS feeds or technorati tags.. y'know.. the whole shbang to help organise this media space around. who knows? i might actually direct more traffic for people who wanna know more about the new media space we're in. well.. just a thought since i'm actually rather involved with it in work. :p

it's kinda like how yongfook directs traffic to his site by mentioning "small penis" every now and then. interesting concept for us web freeloaders.

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