Monday, May 5, 2003

Hey, they call me Napkin Man, im back im back. I'd have u note that "hey mum im on the internet" was mine line! Aniwei am doing the same shit as Brian so i decide to poop over to nose in on his blog a lil bit.. with all this time it kindda spurs me on to carry on my website again, and somemore free internet connection!! talk about FREELOADING. BUT as with everything i will prob give up after 2 hours of dealing with html. sheesh and to think im going to do computer engineering, might as well sell porno VCDs. oh don't haf to feel bad about not gettting anything for your dad, my bro and me dun even remember my folks birthday, talk about Filial Piety. Oh well gotta burn...

P.S: just updated my own blog, need your luv to spread the word. thanx

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