Monday, May 5, 2003

just up!
heyyy... today's my dad's birthday! gee whiz, i didn't get him anything, as usual. i wonder if he secretly detests that. but then again, i reckon i'm a pretty filial son, apart from when i screwed my a-levels up. sucha guilt-trip.
a strange friend of mine, lankybass aka shaun popped by my place yesterday because he needed to go to nus early for his paper today. he really gets me going with music by teaching me stuff. haha, he's the closest i have to lessons. made me download adam nitti songs over his site. if you wanna be inspired to play bass, check it. he also writes in the coloums.
shaun's friend weiyi also has a blog, which has the fantastic dish of the week series. a day when the two friends get together and cook up a storm. i find it awfully cute!

i start work at one and will leave at ten. so goes sunday.

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