Monday, May 26, 2003

tick tick tick
in my quest for hot hot heat, a trip to hmv was unavoidable. i did find it, but it cost a whopping twenty seven sgd. no way was i gonna be ripped off by an mnc. bought jeff buckley's grace ep for sixteen sgd instead. lately, there have been alotta new albums being released. LiVE's new album, birds of pray and third eye blind are two bands i like / liked. but i'm not too excited after trying the cds out. they sounded over produced, and i've been listening to quite alotta lo-fi stuff lately. it didn't suit my mood. but LiVE's optimisum and insights are always welcome to my musical vocabulary.

in the end i bought :
yeah yeah yeahs - fever to tell one of the most innovative "new sounds" in our present scene. just like how it started for new wave punk. undoubtly frontwoman / vox karen o is the star of the band with her wild, sexy banshee howls.
feeder - find the color an ep of the album track, and some b-sides, old and new. feeder fan, so wot to do?

gramaphone is gonna call me when their next shipment of make up the breakdown comes in. how quaint of them.

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