Monday, May 12, 2003

a late bloomer
just three more hours before i get out of this room. just two more months before i leave the organisation. i can't say i accomplished much today. worked with some tables because i wanted to spruce up some of my pages and come up with a neat simple design for the brian morgan project. but i didn't really get far. if there's anyone out there who's willing to give me free web-building lessons, contact me.

i watched last years / the year before last years korean blockbuster, my sassy girl last thursday at my friend, jamie's place. i have to say that these silly romantic comedies are doing me in. but them koreans really tell a good story. it's not overtly chesy, nor serious. and well, it makes good swweeet entertainment.

gahh!! i just feel so unaccomplished because i have not finished completing my evisa application. i have not made the effort to call up the local doctors to give me a thorugh physical examination! so my visa's at a standstill. where am i gonna stay when i reach perth? i have no hostel yet! argh... all these silly things are just making me feel like i'm already a washout when i haven't started yet.

listening to : lisa ekdahl - sings salvadore poe

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