Wednesday, June 6, 2007

hopeless fanfare

sorry for the lack of updates, but i've been at reservist and that means that i'm not at a computer for the most part of the day. I can't bring a camera phone into camp, so that means i can't moblog. the most i can do is send a twitter or jaiku, but we all know how boring/irritating that can be.

so i guess it's a good break from blogging daily. i've sort of been wondering if i've been blogging too much. not that it's a bad thing, blogging helped me get my current job, and it's a great cathartic process, but wow.. when i read some of the more serious blogs, it's as if they take it so very seriously. but i'm not one to make early judgment calls. i'm sure there are very good reasons why people choose to blog as well. but i'm rambling, i'm just trying to make up for lost time. but i really have a company event i'm supposed to get to now.

check back this space for more tragically happy updates of my life.

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