Tuesday, August 23, 2005

marginalised and retro
my arm hurts. it sharp pain shoots through it every once in awhile. it feels as if my nerves have shorted out and are just sending signals of pain to my brain. i dislike this shell of a body that doesn't work properly. then again, i don't know wot its like to work properly.

today, i spent the hours having yum cha (yay!) for lunch with jo and merissa, and then hanging out in leederville with kang and daryl. i don't know why i didn't find out about this place earlier, but it rocks! just slightly north of the city, so its not too harsh a drive. and you don't get the bustle of it all. kinda like fremantle, but you're assured of not having the bogens ruin your day. shure you've got the snotty indie kids sometimes, but hey, why can't we all just live in peace?

had the best drink of my life this year at retro betty's. it was an avalanche which was basically a lemonade spider (that's soda with icecream ie. float), with a shot of expresso. weird sounding combination, but its absolutely fantastic! its got the spritz of a lemon-y soda, and the creamy deluxe and pick me up of a affagato. i know wot my poison us from now on..

and then i got this long sleeve shirt by ben sherman. kinda has this cowboy thing going on. which makes me glad, cuz that's almost wot im gunning for. haha, wanna get the hat, and play gigs like that.

that's another thing, finding a suitable image for m a y f l e d. cuz we're all too much like a motely crue of musicians rather than a band. i wonder if there's some fun in dressing up. maybe i just want to be somebody else. its encouraging, but usually for our crap gigs, someone usually comes up and still says that he (usually he) likes our stuff. i think i need to embark on a reason as to why i still enjoy playing with them, cuz i'm slowly feeling depleted.

went for a short jog just now as well. i really wonder if i'll ever get my fitness back. i wish it would just happen faster, but there's no such thing as a free lunch i guess.

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