Tuesday, August 30, 2005

the technicolour heart never lies
and so it came to pass. test came and went, don't really know wot to think of it. might turn out good, might turn out not soo good. but i did put in a fair amount of reading, and later relied on my instincts more. as with most things in life, i could possibly tell you about it in a week or two.

somethings have gotten me stoked these past few days. very recently, i recieved an email from someone asking me to write an article for a magazine. was actually recomended by someone who actually reads this blog.. soo, wow, mad stoked. really! you know who you are, and unless you want public commendation, just write me for it. (but somehow, i think you won't after i put this in.. hahaha!)

and then gotta get a copy of trolley ride to creative box so that he can have a look.

come next month or so, my articles may actually be up for grabs at aging youth's avanti! section.

its all happening pretty fast, just glad to be able to help a little. -) *a short smile*

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