Tuesday, August 9, 2005

looking over cypress hill
it represents something, looking across the horizon. believing that there is something else out there. more than our small town, small rooms, small dogs and small lives. out there is the real world, where women and men alike are unforgiving, but oh how they kiss you when you are king and twist you when you cease.

and all these hidden meanings, hidden even to us all. wot deems more magical, there intentioned or the unintentional. we are our gods ourselves, or merely copies of all that is around us? looking out over the hill, into the horizon: you can't see past a certain distance. it's boundry is not measure, it is infinity coming full circle.

i wish. no, i don't wish. but really, i do. i'll find you someday, or you'll find me. either way, we were meant to be together and the ends justify each of our means.

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