Sunday, August 14, 2005

systematic toil branches into trepedition
it's a pretty amusing article to read that singapore is really short in the presidential eligibility population. wait, it almost makes it sound as if you're taking part in the New Paper's New Face Competition. does no one want to be president of singapore? i mean, taking a look at the other participants, you'd think you'd stand a fighting chance even if you owned a talking monkey who gyrates to oops, i did it again.

and lets not start on how its all just a puppet show. puppets are cool by the way, you can make them kill people.

and so, i'm just reading that my good friend napkin man is leaving for Toronto in two weeks time for an exchange program. well dude, i'm really happy and excited for you. it seems that you've really drawn the winning straws recently. haha, but in all things, i know that God's gonna be protecting you on this leg of your life, and for the rest of it as well man. and maybe you'll realise why i blog so much as well.. hahaha~!

life's slowly kicking into gear. there are so many things i wanna do, 'specially with the new video ministry my church is starting. it'll be just great working with many people, getting them interested in production work. hopefully, there will be people willing to get their hands dirty for God's work. gee.. it's all so daunting now that it looms near. once must always keep his heart in check.

and then there's worship leading at Intensity next friday. it's crazy how far God has brought me. i mean, i'm just expecting something new from him all the time, because i still don't know how to do it right. and sometimes i wonder if i ever wanna know how it all works out, because then i'll just stop relying on his mercies.

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