Tuesday, August 16, 2005

ths sins of our fathers
i've always liked the sound of that. people always screw up before us, we're the ones trying to set it right. it always starts of with good intentions, and then it all ends up the same horribly wrong way.

it diverts the attention away from ourselves, it allows us to divert our attention for a bit and imagine for a moment, we have got it all sussed out, i'm alright, i'm gonna make it.

take a breath, and hold it there. that's wot you're doing, not breathing. breathe in the strange distaste, how can you remember wot it was like before all this pollution? just breathe, how is your life, how was your weekend, how're your struggles and how're your pains.

oh i would kiss you to know you were alive.

one day, all this will pass, one day change will come bulldozing down out fron yards and we'll just stand and watch. music to pass life by..

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