Sunday, March 2, 2003

dread turned to a tired happiness
started the day with dread, but after service today. i guess i'm inspired to live right again.
some say its a vicious cycle. it is. and i wish we needn't turn back.
and then, i didn't hold cell group, but had lunch with morgan and vikram at breko today.
vinz is kinda "upset" that i didn't hang out with him today.
well, where was i when he watched "the hot chick" with ruth and lokey last night?
yeah.. so i had to spend the entire time continuing my warcraftiii campaign.
jammed with the band today.
starting to sound good.
sped up "eleven hours"
thomas gave "addicted to bass(name subject to change)" a new vibe. i prefer this one.
and thats aboot it.
kunz mentioned something about getting a better drummer.
well, i reckon we talked him out of it.
we'll be working on the soundtrack for morgan's film project next week.
and he gave me a super mix cd! awesome shite! luv morgan.
we're also gonna hold auditions for singers.
if you like the spotlight, and swaggering on stage... being yourself and have a voice you want the world to hear.
give us a shot! we'll voice out to the world together!
gt sent us back after that

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