Saturday, March 8, 2003

purple is my favourite colour
in our continuing series of nothing important ever happens around here:
managed to book out on friday evening cuz the company was having a life-run saturday morning.
in an insane gesture, i joined both vinz and ruthie at zouk last night.
we started the driking phase in phuture, and i guess i've lost my touch when i downed a jug of voddy and ribbena to ill but enjoyable efx.
stuck around in phuture where the were spinning hip-hop. now there's only so much i can take, so we found ourselves on the main stage where nick warren was spinning.
it was fun, but it got really fun when he mixed coldplay's clocks and then it was uphill all the wall.
nick warren spins to the crowd, and from where i was standing, could tell he was havin' loadsa fun too. mebbe it was the signing of autographs or something.

so catch part 2 of vinz's pre-ex lancer bash. next week at zouk 15 mar, where specially invited guests laya and bushwacka! will be spinning.
miss at your own peril.

next sat's guest deejays

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