Sunday, March 30, 2003

the scar on my back
on wednesday afternoon, whilst i was in camp. i had this urge to take a shite. so i took my roll of two-ply scottext toilet paoer and proceeded to the john. yeh, so i entered the cubicle, threw the lid off and accidentally dropped my precious commodity(the toilet paper). and my haste to save it from the vortex of oblivion known as the toilet bowl, i reached down desperately, swiped it to the side, caught it and went on to stand up. because of the swiftness of the motion, i moved faster than my brain could think "wot about the serated edge of the toilet roll dispenser?) and so, !!ZASA!!i had a nasty cut on my back. caused by the serated edge of the toilet roll dispenser.

this is a true account and holds as one of my most embarresing situations (apart from my inability to spell correctly)

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