Tuesday, August 5, 2003

i fell in love with you watching casablanca
wot else can you say just after watching the movie casablanca? haha, wot else can you sing?
oh a kiss is just a kiss, in casablanca..
and a sigh is just a sigh, in casablanca

today was one of those days that just came and went. strangely enough i was having lunch with melvin and wenwei for lunch, considering they were from cjc, but we never hung out much to begin with. oh well, awkward situations resound in all our lives. had a 'lil jog just now, it's great jogging here in perth. i hope to make it a regular affair. i cooked the bulk of dinner today. fettutini carbonara in a jar with brocoli was on the menu. dont know if it passed the test of my housemates' taste buds.

here's lookin' at you kid
play it again sam
round up the usual suspects

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