Sunday, August 24, 2003

sounds good sounds right
something to be proud of?

well then, i napped during the sermon today, i must be really sleep deprived i spose.. cuz i had six hours sleep. not enough for me apparently. and then, i had to tahan my group members to discuss our research proposal. we're almost there, but i seem to be doing it, mustnt let them down! (oh you gullible 'lil boy..) i had to nap after that. yeah, so now im kinda waiting for dinner. haha, cherylin and jessie are both cooking, im being pampered till i start doing the dishes. but yeah, i barely did any cooking this week, seemed to have gone out quite often, or getting cooked a meal for at home. the good Lord provides for us in our times of need. AUD20 till next sunday.. must control funds!

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