Thursday, August 21, 2003

hear my train comin'
mebbe hendrix killed himself cuz he had major assignments due in the next day. mebbe that's wot jim morrison did too, the academic stress must've gotten to them. the lizard king would be sixty in our present age if he didnt take that champagne supernova. well, full steam ahead for me! due at 1600 tomorrow, i wanna hand it in by 1200. can i work the night? i feel fired up, the coal's in there, caffine is coming up. today, my research group mates didnt get their parts done, so me staying up doing my part last night was a waste, but thats no excuse for this night. hear my train comin'! had lunch with adrian and felix, then crashed at jon's flat. we then had dinner at ohnamiya with felix, matty, nic and jo. and then nina gave me snickers and jo gave me a muffin! where does this all lead..? tomorrow dosen't come today.

smile smile smile! lots to smile aboot!
me and matty
ladies and the alpha male
jo and felix
must.. get.. in photo somehow!
me, matty and nic

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