Sunday, August 24, 2003

i spy in the night sky, don't i?
phobe, alora ladeh, synope, janus, so many moons.. quiet in the sky at night.. hot in the milky way..

many things happened today, but you know.. it just sounds trivial. aye.. my contemplation goes as such, that i feel today how shallow my blog feels. it'll pass, i think its got something to do with me not having written in my journal for more than a month. there's a shifting in balance of sorts. like i blog too much, but no reflections. reflections usually involve people, so the blog is not the best place to reflect of people. but lemme just say, that i've been having a swell time in perth. i love the experience, and though there are some aspects to get used to (like feeling safe in the city at night), if not, everything is calm like a bomb.

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