Tuesday, August 5, 2003

juice daily
i guess the blog might not appeal to just about anyone if it only contains excepts of my daily life. yes.. i am going thru that stupid phase again where i dont know where i'm going with posting all this down. but i reckon, someone or thing is out there reading this (apart from myself).

but you know, of course it'd be swell to have sky-rocketted traffic visits. i mean, it is quantatative evidence that you might be an interesting person, and that may in turn, bolster your confidence (or ego, whichever way you want to look at it). so should i add controvosy and juiciness to the otherwise wholesome setting i have created. i dont talk about the girls i've fancied, or my idiosyncracies. i don't gripe about my friends or share gossip about people. do i create controvosy just to get the viewership?

haha, but nah.. i doubt i'll do any of that. i guess i just dont wanna go around stepping on other peoples toes, and worse, end up believing the crap i put up about myself on the internet. you know how sometimes you end up saying an exaggeration so much you actually start believing that's you. or you feel you gotta be constant with wot you potray on this public portal.

so oh well, here goes nothing :
today was absolutely freezing! then i had a pretty oh kay day at school. by the time i came home, i lazed around till i went out to buy groceries. today, i attempted to make pasta aglio olio again. it was a tad too dry and salty. but the chicken i made to accompany it was great! well, by my standards. all i did was rub it with salt, pepper, garlic and thyme. then just pan fry it. easy peasy! boiled brocoli too, man! was it tasteless. if i had butter, i wouldve melted it.

so you reckon i should start with the controvosy yet?

spin it!
arab street - who named the days?

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