Thursday, August 7, 2003

roxy music
i'm still feeling kinda fired up from having completed my assignment that's due tomorrow. as i'm typing all this down, morgan is nit-picking my two paragraph assignment. telling me stuff, and argh! wondering if i should change now. *sigh* my first assignment.. it's like your first project in your new job. you have high hopes for it, because you think in this new life, this might make or break you. it's been a long while since i felt this way. i dont really like it. i mean, i think i put effort into it, but my tutors will probably think otherwise. bah..

well, the first perth-related picture. i've been given authorization by the pup's owner.. and so this is roxie who lives in the same house as the four of us. she's bigger now, because she's grown. (???) and she's awfully hyperactive!
puppy love

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