Friday, August 22, 2003

superstar dj
right, so i went off to bed at 9.30am. woke up again at 12 to meet jonathan and hand up our essays together. i don't think i'll do very well, prolly just a credit grade. argh.. i cant leave it all till the night before anymore. i'm surviving on a tank of 2.5 hours sleep, and i'm running near empty right now. so then, it was lunch at the asian caravan (again), and the freezing cold no doubt! man, it's been chilly the entire day! later on, jon and i checked out megamusic, and its prolly a fender man's wet dream. i managed to grab an LP from the salvation army entitled cast your fate to the wind - sounds orchestral for AUD1.50. no idea wot it is, but it was a steal. whoops, sms from matty to go check some pub out. i'm there, near empty.

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