Monday, August 25, 2003

stop sending letters, letters always get burned
why isit that when dad calls, he must always talk shop? how's the money? we'll bank in some this week, thru bankwest.. hope you're eating and doing your laundry. i don't know, it all sounds so trivial. then when mom comes on, she tells me she loves and misses me, and i do too. but it's like they're hesitating to say more. i mean, it sounds like they wanna say so much more, but then in my own limited capacity to love and appreciate, i don't know how to cajole them into saying more.

it's funny, it wasn't like that when we were talking back home, its like.. even thru the telephone, you just know they're so far away, and they sound so distant. oh man, if only the message of love could just reach my folk back home in all it's glory. love you guys loads!

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