Tuesday, August 19, 2003

mom, it's my birthday!
i'm back! nope, i still am not an eminiem fan after watching 8 mile, but i think his hiphop beats/loops are great spooky things though. kickass brother. my housemate adrian has fixed our internet connection, and after a whole week, i can blog! do you know the elation i'm feeling? i can share this sorrid life with all you vouyers once again! leave your congratulary notes in the blogouts please. *grin*

i wont go into detail about wot i did during the week, wots past is past. but i just wanna say i watched bladerunner last week, and it's an awesome piece of work, no matter how you look at it.

finally got my learner's permit with nic and jonathan. this is after i was denied application on friday by anal retentive protocol. strangely enough, the worker i had a run in with on friday wasn't too bad today. she prolly didnt remember me. or want to remember it. getting the daymned A4 size paper was no easy task! we walked HALF of leach highway, thanks to me missing the stop. good thing no one complained. out loud of course. muttering is hard to hear.

so well, here i am. got a nice picture of vivian balakrishnan and a whole buncha of enthusiastic sporeans. now, i didnt attend the dialogue session he held. but i was meeting cornelius after that, and got embroiled in the process. yeap, sell my soul to the pap, now give my dad more money. peer to the right.

eager beavers with a big wig
isn't vivian a girl's name? must've been tough growing up

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