Friday, August 29, 2003

and they were all yellow
aye, i'll tell you how it all went! how wot went? oh man, dont be thick! this is how it went. yes, you do know wot i'm talkin aboot. yeah, so anyhows, like i was saying. ermm.. we got into the car, and he said, adjust the seat, and the mirrors. then he had these nifty foot pedals that could accelerate the vehicle while all i did was steer. so we went round the neighbourhood, terrorising the experienced ones and having a blast drifting from left to right. alas, he said it was over after an hour. and as i bade him goodbye, he adjusted the seat and mirrors, and zoomed off just like mad max, leaving me to open the front door.

so while that was done, i waited an hour, and fixed myself an omelette and french toast. my omelette had cherry tomatos, bacon, onions and cheese init. and i poured myself a cup of browne's mocha chill, which has a familiar test of the frappacino. it was a good lunch, and now.. off to the starlight express.

gotta keep moving to stay warm
cuz i'm freezing in this room
- love your way, powderfinger

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