Friday, August 1, 2003

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in this story of life. are you the main character, or are you just one of the extras in the tale. the reason i'm asking this, is whether you believe your own life amounts to anything? i mean, are you out there in the field making your presence felt, or are you just fading away? i'm also not saying one is better than the other, cuz everyone's gotta story to tell. but yeah, sometimes you feel gigantic, and sometimes you feel so insignificant.

sitting here lonely, like a broken man
serving my time, doing the best i can
walls and bars, they surround me
but i don't want no sympathy!
"inside looking out" - grand funk railroad

just downloaded it this morning with the live version. hot dang!

more a perfect circle goodies provided by, such as the new album's cover art! enjoy kiddos :

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