Sunday, August 3, 2003

growing attachments
well then, i wish i had a digital camera just so i could entertain this audience. images still speak louder than words(not always better). and so i apologise for the so-called lack of entertainment on this blog. i will do something about it hopefully in 5 months time when im back on spore soil. not doing much in perth at the moment. downloading vids and music, ought to be hitting the books. but now im here and also downloading cool edit pro 2.0 from haiks. soon, i hope to experiment on beats.. and either fill the bass parts here or in spore. it might work, i hope it does.

in other news, im also trying to keep my hair. it's been since jc that i had medium long hair. i hope to go further than that. haha, but i know i'll look weird, but we all have to get used to it. so right now.. it's pretty unkempt, but im just waiting for the sides to grow out. then maybe i might have a good thing going. doing pretty well in ghost recon. i'm at mission 8 now. shite, i shouldnt be revealling so much of my life, but argh! that's all there is to it.

fiddle sticks, i dont know how long i can keep this going if i dont have a constant train of thought. oh well, i brought back the page to my snippets of "poetry". really, its a lousy attempt, but if for wot strange supernatural reason you like them, you can find it on the picture link in the right table. i still havent gone around designing a new website, but i promise-unpromise it will be up and running by july next year. hehe..

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