Sunday, August 10, 2003

cigerettes and alcohol
national day. wow.. i totally didnt miss it. haha, but dont get me wrong, it at least got me thinkin' about my folks and mates back in spore. thank God that i found some new people to hang out with, thanks for your prayers. so today was kinda like, headin' down to SUBIACO with jonathan and han. checked out the NIKE warehouse, where i found a pair of ace 83's for 65AUD, but i didnt buy. to vinz : i'm still grappling with the boycott issue. anyhow, after that, it was home and dinner. man! that was swell, for 9.35AUD, we managed to pool our money for a magnificent feast! boatloads of fun. and that's where i got to know a few more people. after that, we hung out at mattie's place for drinks and crap talk. you know wot happens at crap talk sessions, some inane sense of bonding. well, it's all good! well, church tomorrow again. =) just workin' it y'know?
to boycott or not to boycott?
it's actually white with red or black trimmings?

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