Friday, August 8, 2003

cold cold night
boy! it was freezing when i woke up this morning! i mean, being tucked under a comfortor and combat fatigues (yes, i brought a pair of those because it is an interesting thing to wear in the house. i mean, they are pretty comfortable to sleep in. it has survived outfield wear and tear, keeping me warm at night despite soggy undergarments. plus i had been sleeping in them during the afternoons of the past year. old trusty faithful combat fatigues). anyhow, yeah, being tucked under the comforter, and then flinging it off when morning breaks results in having to grab your sister's ├╝ber fleece jacket and beanie. yeah, i'm nice and warm now with the heater blowing at my toes. a certain friend in alaska recomends southern comfort, i can see why now. heh~

and the reason i'm up this early, is because i'm doing an assignment, i intend to hand it up at twelve sharp. no problems, i've read the article one half times, and wrote down all my lacklustre points. easy peasy. but yeah, i suspect i might be suffering from ADD, that attention disorder thing. *sob* do i have a psychotic problem? am i on my way to become spore's most infamous socio-path? doomed forever, once a wacko always a wacko..

in other news. i downloaded bob's project with shaun, tat yang and melissa. it's a chilled-out piece that's kinda moloko-ish, with of course the masters themselves on guitar and bass, trading solos in a cool-setting yet not sounding out of place. and melissa, oh that sensuous, smokey voice! listen to them like you've never heard them before (if you thought all they could do was shred and sing jazz!) bravo! and three thumbs up! you also get bonus points for being people i know, so that puts you in contention for the annual awards ceremony that i do each year. *grin*

three more hours and i'll have the triumph : star wars interview if my connection stays at 1.96 kbps.

i bid thee adieu.

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