Sunday, November 18, 2007

Leave it all behind

Sometimes i wonder why my neighbours bought a shoe rack if this is the state it's in. And it's freaking messing up our walkway!


Jeremy said...

steal em
ans sell it on ebay

priscilla said...

A very big family? Or each one must have like 10 pairs each. hehee

Suggest to neighbour to buy those big shoe cupboard that has doors and just dump all the shoes in.

brian koh said...

jeremy : don't think i can fetch much from these.. 'common' items.. muahahaha

priscilla : they're indian expatriates.. and i don't really know how they'll take to friendly advice from me.. haha

Nic said...

even if they did use the shoe rack, i don't see how much more space that would've created. ;p

beatmastermark said...

ahahah ikea shoe rack!!! i'd recognise that anywhere..